Our Values

At the Table's Mission

At the Table Nutrition will provide quality nutrition education to support the diverse needs of health conscious individuals, groups, communities and corporate partners. To recycle a somewhat tired metaphor:

Health is the fourth leg that supports the entire table. Health is what propels the work, leisure and home aspects of our lives. Without it, the other legs cannot stand. We often make excuses that we lack the time to eat healthy, but an effort to make changes in this area will positively affect every other part of our lives and allow us to keep the table steady on all four legs.

Services for You and Your Business

  • Individual and group nutrition counselling
  • Community contracts relating to nutrition education
  • Community centre concession and vending contracts
  • Corporate contracts relating to nutrition education
  • Weight loss programs
  • Resource development
  • Nutrition articles

Our Commitment

The company is built on the following core values which are kept in the forefront of our business and services:

At the Table Nutrition is committed to being:

  • respectful
  • honest
  • environmentally conscious
  • ethical
  • loyal
  • evidence-based
  • culturally diverse
  • inclusive
  • innovative
  • empathetic
  • client-focused
  • community-oriented

What We Share with Clients & Business Partners

As a business, At the Table Nutrition has the following strengths and abilities to pass on to their clients and business partners:

  • a vast network of personal contacts
  • many years of education and work experience to draw upon
  • a focus on whole, nourishing foods without added artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, or sweeteners
  • use of best practices in evidence-based nutritional science, including complementary approaches
  • a mindful approach to healthy eating

Award for Excellence in Consumer Education

Award for Excellence in Consumer Education - The Speaking of Food and Healthy Living Award

In June 2010 the Nutrition for You Program received a regional award from Dietitians of Canada: The Speaking of Food & Healthy Living Award for Excellence in Consumer Education. Learn more about The Speaking of Food and Healthy Living Award.

Want to learn more about our values?

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