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Personal Nutrition Counselling

One-on-One Counselling

Experience counselling sessions by At the Table Nutrition that are customized to meet all of your nutritional needs. We can translate the latest nutritional science into meals and eating plans that make sense to you, your health and your lifestyle. At the Table is committed to helping our clients make sustainable long-term changes using an integrative One-on-One Counselling approach.

Specialized Services

Additional services are available to add on to your one-on-one counselling appointment, including a personalized nutritional analysis of your intake, a personalized grocery store tour, 2 weeks of personalized menu plans and recipes, cooking classes, and information on what foods to choose at your favourite restaurants. At the Table Nutrition can also offer VIP sessions that are focused, in-depth, and informative – all in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office – at a time that is convenient to you. Learn more about the wide range of Specialized Services that we offer.

Supermarket Tours

Let us take you on your own personalized aisle-by-aisle nutrition tour at a grocery store of your choice. We will show you how to navigate through the maze of over 65,000 foods on the shelves so that you end up with quality foods you can afford, you know how to prepare, and you enjoy eating. This is your opportunity to ask questions, review products and choose the best foods for you and your family on our Supermarket Tours.


Living outside of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland? We can help! At the Table is pleased to provide confidential nutrition consultations by phone or computer. Learn more about our Tele-Counselling services and how it all works.

Weight Loss

We do not support fad diets. Instead, we are committed to helping you lose weight and keep it off by making realistic, achievable goals that will result in sustainable long-term results and health Weight Loss.

Dietitian Services

Our team of registered dietitians in Vancouver and surrounding areas and on Vancouver Island who can provide in-person Dietitian Services. Our dietitians are be able to take advantage of the amount of valuable scientific knowledge available to us these days, and combine that with a deeper understanding that there is a personal discovery process that goes far beyond science.

Getting Started

Whether you want to book an appointment by phone or online, or want information on pricing and how to get started, all the details can be found on Getting Started.