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Supermarket Tours

Confused by all the foods in the supermarket? Want to know which foods to fill your cart with and which foods to leave behind? Take a supermarket tour and become an expert shopper!

At the Table is available to take you on your own personalized aisle-by-aisle nutrition tour at a grocery store of your choice. We will show you how to navigate through the maze of over 65,000 foods on the shelves so that you end up with quality foods you can afford, you know how to prepare, and you enjoy eating. This is your opportunity to ask questions, review products and choose the best foods for you and your family.

Tour Content

  • Shopping for balanced meals and snacks
  • How to read a label, including list of ingredients, the Nutrition Facts Table, and the nutrition claims
  • Functional foods
  • Shopping on a budget
  • Review of supplements
  • Label reading

Would you like to discuss a personally design Supermarket Tour?

Give us a call or contact us by email so we can discuss your own personal needs or decide when you set up your first tour.