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At the Table’s Unique Weight Loss Program

Struggling with your weight? Not sure where to start? At the Table’s team can help you. We will provide you with a plan that focuses on mindful eating of real foods.

We do not support fad diets. Instead, At the Table is committed to helping you lose weight and keep it off by making realistic, achievable goals that will result in sustainable long-term results. Our experienced dietitians and nutritionists will use an integrative approach to allow you to enjoy the foods you love while introducing fantastic new recipes and helping you form healthy habits based on your unique lifestyle.

Diets do not work! Be wary of weight loss programs that:

  • promise or guarantee weight loss;
  • focus on foods and not on health;
  • exclude certain food groups (i.e. low carbohydrate diets);
  • have rigid rules that you must follow with no exceptions when life gets in the way; and
  • have little consideration for you as an individual.

Weight Loss Secret: Visualize it!

  • Visualize your diet by foods. Most of your foods should be vegetables, then fruit and whole grains with the smallest amounts being protein and fat.
  • Avoid foods with little nutrition even if they are low in fat and calories (i.e. no fat mayonnaise, juice or pop, or low fat cookies).
  • Think long term, not short term.  If you are currently maintaining your weight, cutting out one cup of orange juice daily could potentially result in a weight loss of 10 pounds in one year.
  • Remember the 80/20 rule: eat well 80% of the time.  Don’t beat yourself up if you overindulge.  Just return to healthier habits right away.

How can we help you lose weight?

At the Table will provide you with an individualized meal plan, recipes, and ongoing follow-up and support. We also have personal trainers who can help you with a specialized exercise plan to complement your new healthy eating plan and weight loss goals.

Contact us for a free 15-minute phone or Skype consultation to see if our program is right for you.  See our Getting Started page for more information on fees and services for our weight loss program and other programs.