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Are Canadian Hearts Healthy?

February is heart month. According to a recent report by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadians are in denial about their unhealthy lifestyles and how it is robbing them of years of living healthy. The report suggests that people are not tackling risk factors that can be managed. It also goes on to say that, although 90 percent of Canadians rated themselves as healthy, the reality is that nine out of 10 have at least one risk factor for heart … + more

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The Egg is in Trouble – Again!

I was shocked to see an article in The Vancouver Sun today putting down the egg – yet again.  They compared the wonderful and much maligned egg with the KFC Double Down – saying that the egg has more cholesterol than this KFC sandwich (or can we even say sandwich, as it has no bread). Although the writer of the article does say that the sandwich has 540 calories and 30 grams of fat (all of which would be saturated, artery … + more

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